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A Cost-Effective, Modern Alternative To Commercial Neon Lighting For GTA Businesses

A Cost-Effective, Modern Alternative To Commercial Neon Lighting For GTA Businesses

If there’s anything that comes to mind when you say the words "retro” and "80s”, it’s commercial neon lighting.  GTA businesses in decades past, like those of almost every other major urban area in the world, relied on that particular outdoor commercial lighting to draw attention to themselves and to stand out from the crowd. At the time, it was a reasonable alternative to using incandescent bulbs to illuminate store fronts and signs, and it offered options that simply couldn’t be found anywhere else. Now, with the giant leaps being made in LED lighting technology, there’s a way to avoid the costs, hassle and hazards of large numbers of incandescent lights that doesn’t involve conjuring images of 1980s police serials and thrillers. Businesses looking to add creative interior lighting displays or eye-catching exterior accent lighting need look no further than permanent LED lighting strips.

Flexible, For Flexibility

Back in the day, the best you could hope for with incandescent or fluorescent lighting was to have a creative sign lit from in front or back to advertise your business to the world. It didn’t give business owners a whole lot of versatility. However, LED lighting changes the game entirely. Not only can you place it just about anywhere (picture soft indoor accent lights under a bar or behind a retail display; tasteful exterior illumination around the doors and windows of your local shop; or hidden lights giving a unique, welcoming atmosphere to hotel lobbies), but you’re not even tied down to a particular colour or pattern! Fully programmable LED lights can switch from soft, tasteful pastels to bright and festive primaries according to your every whim, giving you the option to change the whole feel of your lighting set-up with the push of a button. Even within any given colour scheme, they can be set to change, slowly and gradually or quickly and sharply, giving you complete control over every possible variable.

Atmospheric Branding

No matter what kind of business you run, chances are you’re not the only game in town. That’s why so much money is spent on marketing: businesses who can’t stand out from the crowd often get lost in it. One of the more subtle ways to make your business stick in the minds of customers that walk through your door is to create a unique atmosphere they can’t find anywhere else. The "little things” are often anything but "little”, because anything you can do to bring your business to the top of your customer’s mind the next time they need services like yours is a big help. It can make the difference between a loyal, repeat customer and a one-time patron you never see again.

Whether you’re operating a retail venue, a hotel or bar or restaurant, or offer your customers or clients some kind of professional service, the way you present your business to them when they arrive at your door is one of the most important marketing tools you have. In days gone by, the best option was commercial neon lighting. GTA businesses these days know that neon is a thing of the past, and the future is bright with LEDs.